Contour your face in six easy steps


The hype around contouring is growing daily, and we can understand why!  Contouring your face helps define your best features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose or even hiding your double chin.  Contouring is a technique popularised by celebrity make-up artists (does Kim Kardashian also jump to your mind?), but it has been around for quite a while. People like Marilyn Monroe also used this technique to define her memorable face. With the right products and equipment it’s very easy to do on your own.

Make-up Designory Cosmetics’ pigment-rich pressed Highlight & Contouring Powders create shape and definition throughout your face. The silky-smooth formula glides on effortlessly, enhancing the natural shape of your face. There is a variety of 8 tones available to match everyone’s skin tone.

What you need to do:

Prepare the skin by using MUD’s Face Primer and finish it off with Liquid or Cream Foundation. Always make sure to set the foundation with either Loose Powder or Dual Finish Pressed Powder.

Step 1:

Apply Contour Powder with a Fan Brush (#510) just below the cheekbone. Start at the center of the ear and work your way down towards your mouth.

Step 2:

Softly apply the same Contour Powder at the hairline and blend well so it appears as a natural shadow around your forehead.

Step 3:

With a sweeping motion apply your Contour Powder just beneath the jawline to create a defined jaw. Blend the color down towards the neck.

Step 4:

For a soft highlight to the cheekbone, apply a shimmering Highlight Powder with a Shaping Brush (#620) along the very top of the cheekbone and blend softly towards your mouth.

Step 5:

Using a Blending Brush (#610), lightly apply your Highlighting Powder to the bridge of the nose, blending it softly down to the lip.

Step 6:

Add definition to the nose if needed, using your Contour Powder. Blend softly to avoid harsh lines.

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