Continuous effort required to curb pervasive littering along our roads



Litter on the N3 persists to cause ruin as commuters continue to disperse anything from empty bottles and plastic to food containers and soiled nappies along the roads. N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) Andy Visser says litter on the roads has a negative impact on the environment.

"What we trying to raise awareness here is that litter is a main problem and when you look at a route of about 415KM long and that we collect on average, 4700 bags of litter per month this is really excessive and highlights the complete disregard for the environment," she says.

However Visser says all the litter that is collected at filling stations or at their green designated recycling-bins is taken to the recycling pragrammes N3TC has partnered with, where they utilise the recyclable materials to create educational toys.

"We are very fortunate to be invovled where they use recycled waste such as cereal boxes and ice cream containers that they convert
and make into educational toys, really using somebody’s trash for someone elses’ gain. Perhaps what is watse to us is gold to someone else," she enthuses.

Bread and citrus bags are recycled to make balls and skipping ropes whilst ball catchers and spades are made from one and 2 liter milk bottles. Building blocks are created from egg boxes, toilet roll inners and yoghurt containers.