Conference at the UFS reveals many uses for technology in the classroom


The ICT Innovation in School Education Programme on the South Campus of the University of the Free State (UFS) aims to bridge the gap between education and learning by bringing technology into classrooms. ICTISE (Information and Communication Technology Innovation in School Education) in conjunction with SchoolNet South Africa are presenting a five-day conference (1-5 July) on technology in the classroom, with up to 80 sessions from which attendees can choose.

The conference was opened by Mr Enver Surty, Deputy Minister of Education. He agreed that technology is important in the classroom and said that technophobia must be done away with. “We are in a rapidly changing world where learners have the ability to deal with technology quicker than us. Embrace technology; commit yourself to that,” he urged the conference attendees.

One of the presenters from Imagine Education in the United Kingdom, said that we are living in exciting times when the technology trends are impacting the world, the global communities we live in, our education systems and our personal lives. “With technology changes, new exciting possibilities have opened up. This has led to many asking what this all means for learning and teaching,” he said.

Mr Sigh provided a global picture of what is happening around the world and stimulated discussions on how technology supports thinking around changing paradigms of learning, teaching and more importantly, the role of being a global citizen. “Students are not what we used to be. The power resides with teachers to make a difference. The quality of education cannot exceed the quality of its teachers,” he said.

Some other interesting topics include: “Twitter essentials for the classroom,” “Teachers: drivers of change – embracing the iPad,” “What would you like to create today? iPad literacy centre apptivities,” “Pinterest for teachers” and “Curious about animation? Animation has never been so much fun!”

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