Concerns over social distancing in parts of Heidedal

Long queues were the order of the day at Twin City Mall in Hededal today. PHOTOS & VIDEO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN
Community members from all over Mangaung have flocked to the Twin City Mall in Heidedal.
Residents from as far as Phase 9 have walked to Twin City to stock up on groceries to sustain them during the lockdown period.
Heidedal Station Commander Colonel, Itumeleng Pule, said the police have the situation under control, but his main concern is that residents aren’t adhering to the social distancing rule.
In other parts of Heidedal some community members are behaving as i it is a normal day. Some children are still playing in the streets and while some grown ups are going about their business as usual.
Community leader, Gustav Wilson, said although the police and the army can’t take all the blame for the non-adherence to government directives, he did request from political leadership and the police to do some loud-hailing to force residents to stick to the rules, but to no avail.
Kids could be seen playing in the streets all over Heidedal this morning.
“I was told that the SAPS have their plans in place, but we still haven’t seen much of it. I still believe loud-hailing can help to make people aware and to drive home the seriousness o the matter.
“To the community, I want to say: Please ask your friends, family and colleagues to please stay at home. Please ask the kids in the park to rather kick their ball inside the yard. We cannot just encourage each other with scriptures and not do something concrete,” pleaded Wilson. – Pierce van Heerden
Police had their hands full controlling the crowds at Twin City Mall.