Community declares war on potholes

Heidedal community member, Gary Bell, who contributed to kick off the fixing of the potholes in the area.

After various communities have been struggling and have become frustrated with the many service delivery issues in their areas, some of their members have taken it upon themselves to right the wrongs in their areas.

According to community activist Gregory Werner, the community of Heidedal in Bloemfontein saw an article done by Bloemfontein Courant on the potholes in the city and this sparked a conversation about what they as a community could do.

“We asked people in the community to contribute a small fee, so that we can fix the potholes ourselves to . A community member, Gary Bell, has given a big contribution to kick off this project and we would like to encourage other business owners to join the movement.”

Bell explained to the publication that he feels Heidedal has been neglected by the municipality and that the potholes have become a serious concern for the community.
“We started with an inspection by taking pictures of all the potholes in Heidedal, getting the material needed, and we will start fixing them early on Friday morning.”

Another member of the community, Donald Nicholas Constable, remarked that Ward 16 has had many potholes for a very long time. “Our councillors have been fighting for service delivery, not only on the potholes issue, but various service delivery services like the cleaning of the graveyard, refuge bag collection, etc.”

He added that the community has given up on complaining, so together with Werner, they realised that they have been holding themselves back. “It is time for the community to embark on action by fixing the potholes; we need to restore the dignity of this community.”

Constable said the community is welcome to come and work with them on Friday but that no political uniform is to be displayed while working.

Sazly Hartzenberg