Community activists join forces


The #OperationCovidReliefH2H is truly living up to its slogan, #TogetherWeCan, as it has joined forces to bring relief to those truly in need. With cooking up to 200 meals per day, putting together care packages and preparing breakfast to get families through the day, the organisers behind this initiative need your help to make a bigger impact at informal settlements where help is needed.

With one common goal, Allizania and Dale Coleridge, Rowana Preamdutt-Swarts and Clinton Swarts, Logan and Rushny Kruger joined hands to help the residents of “Gatvol” community in Heidedal where there is a desperate need for assistance during this lockdown period. According to Logan, the majority of residents in this settlement are unemployed, with the area having no electricity. This need has resulted in the idea of cooking for these people.

Logan told Bloemfontein Courant the project commenced on 6 April 2020 when a group of women collaborated skills, knowledge, resources and donations. “We serve 200 people at 10am with sandwiches and 200 people at 5 pm with cooked meals. Let us not allow this virus or any other crisis to divide us as a community and as humans. Let’s make helping each other a way of living and not an event,” said Logan.

Rowana, together with her husband Clinton, told the publication that they cannot sit and watch people suffer as no one should go to bed hungry. “This is not just a drive for us who serve the community, we are all together in this war against Covid-19 and hunger. Ohana means family; family means no one is left behind or forgotten.

“We need the community to help us feed the families in Gatvol. There are homeless people at Norman Doubell and in Rocklands, we need the city to join so that we can bring dignity to all,” Rowana added.

According to Allizania, when she realised that people were stockpiling due to the pandemic, she thought of those who are not in the position to stockpile. “The reality in South Africa is that poverty and unemployment are rife. Lockdown makes you realise how fortunate you really are. It is in unity we find strength; together we can do more,” said Allizania.

The teams are also putting together different food packages to keep the families up and running during this time.

If they get enough donations, the aim is to provide food for the needy until the end of the lockdown period. The team is not only operating in Gatvol, but is also providing food to needy people all over the City of Roses.

Community members are urged to join hands and donate products such as chicken, meat, maize meal, samp, cake flour, fruit, vegetables as well as canned food. To help or make a donation, phone Allizania on 073 256 2542, Logan on 072 601 6662 and Rowana on 072 396 6073.


Pierce van Heerden