Color Run cancelled due to UFS protests

Colour Run cancelled

The Color Run South Africa had planned on hosting an event at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein Campus, on Saturday 27 February. Following protest action by students at the campus on Monday 22 February, the university management took a decision to close UFS Bloemfontein and South campuses on 24 and 25 February. Protest action has continued both on and off campus. On the heels of this decision, organisers of The Color Run have taken the drastic measure to cancel the event scheduled for this Saturday.
Leon Swanepoel, the national event organiser, has issued the following statement: “As an organisation, the safety of participants comes first – always and without exception. Secondly, The Color Run, worldwide, is about joy, inclusivity, and giving back to the community. Under the current volatile conditions it would be unwise to stage our event on campus and we feel obliged to cancel.”
As an organisation, The Color Run, together with headline sponsor, Capitec Bank, works hard to uplift the local community. This is done by employing local vendors and suppliers for each event and raising money for schools in each area that hosts an event. The Bloemfontein event was set to raise funds for the University’s “No Student Hungry” organisation. The Color Run has engaged extensively with management of the University of the Free State as well as campus security to determine whether there is a risk of further protests on campus, which may prove disruptive to the event. It does not seem likely that the situation will calm in the near future and it is for this reason that management and Sponsors of The Color Run have decided to cancel the event indefinitely.
Despite having already incurred significant costs, The Color Run has committed to refunding in full all tickets issued for this event.
“We hope to bring the happiest 5km on the planet to Bloemfontein at another time when the circumstances permit” said Swanepoel.
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