Cold front headed to central SA


Although everyone is itching to pack out their summer clothes- seeing as spring is just around the corner, another cold front can be expected later this week.

The South African Weather Service’s, Toni Rossouw, tells OFM News that cloudy conditions can be expected right across Central South Africa today, and cooler air of 5-10 degrees colder than yesterday can be experienced.

Not to worry, temperatures will heat up before the weekend – this just in time for that weekend afternoon braai.  A few scattered showers are expected in a few places, however this should clear up before the afternoon.

“Yesterday temperatures were quite high in Central South Africa. Today we can expect maximum temperatures of 21 and 22 degrees Celsius. Do not pack the winter clothes away just yet, as colder temperatures are also expected next week,” says Rossouw.

Josca Human / OFM News