#ChildTragedies: Another two boys drown in NW

Yet another drowning incident has been reported in the North West following recent heavy rains.

Police spokesperson, Amanda Funani, says two boys, aged eight and nine, drowned in a water hole on Tuesday 11 February 2020 in Makwassie near Lebaleng Township outside Wolmaransstad. She says according to information, a construction site in Makwassie was transformed after heavy rains filled excavations in that area.

OFM reports that Funani adds that seven young boys, who are between the ages of eight to ten, allegedly went for a swim and struggled. Two drowned as a result. OFM News previously reported that at the beginning of the year there have been several drownings reported, involving children between the ages of 3 and 17, in various parts of the province.

The report also said there were reports of at least five children who have drowned in various incidents in Wolmaransstad.

Earlier Premier Job Mokgoro expressed his sadness and sent condolences to the family of the latest victim, the ten-year-old Simphiwe Tshabalala, who allegedly drowned this past weekend in Khuma near Stilftontein outside Klerksdorp.

“Allegations further suggest that when the other boys noticed that the two boys were trapped under the water, one of them ran to the township. He came across a police vehicle, stopped it and reported the incident,” she adds.

Funani further adds that the police rushed to the scene and called the divers, who retrieved the two bodies. “The police would once more like to urge the community, especially parents and guardians, to sensitise their children to not swim in dams, rivers, dongas or quarries as the water is not clear and therefore it can be very deep and dangerous. Due to the heavy rains, most rivers have strong currents that can’t be detected, until it is too late and children should never swim without the supervision of an adult,” Funani further adds.