School children unscathed after taxis collide, Vanderbijlpark

Photo: Supplied

At least one child was injured this morning when a taxi t-boned another taxi on the Becquerell Street in Vanderbijlpark.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene and found a number of children walking around on the scene.

Upon inspection, paramedics found that approximately 20 children had been in the two vehicles, on their way to school, when the collision occurred.

[VANDERBIJLPARK] - Childrens lucky escape after two taxis collide.

Paramedics assessed the children and found that only one had sustained minor injuries. The young boy, believed to be 11-years-old, was treated for his injuries and was thereafter transported to Johan Heyns Clinic for further treatment.

Fortunately, no other children were injured in this incident. Local authorities were on the scene to investigate further.

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