Chess Tournament yields success 

All the learners who participated during the Winter Chess Tournament this past weekend

This past weekend the Heidedal Chess Foundation held its Winter Chess Tournament at Heide Primary in Heidedal, with over a 100 learners who had registered. According to Meloney Shariff, one of the founders of the foundation, they had schools in and around Heidedal and as far as Botshabelo participating in this tournament.  She said that for many it was a first and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

All the winners of the Winter Tournament. PHOTO: Supplied

“Some kids were a bit nervous at the beginning but with a hug from one of the organisers and reassurance all was well again”  she said.

Shariff explained that the aim of the tournament was to get kids involved in chess and by doing so keeping them off the streets as well as stimulate their brains for good development in an early age.

Many people asked why it was so cheap to register and the answer was simple, the foundation wanted each child who could not afford a high entry fee to also experience playing in a tournament.

All the winners in all 4 categories. With their teachers and coaches. PHOTO: supplied

“We especially catered for kids who have little to nothing.”

Shariff said if there is anyone would like to donate or to be a sponsor for Heidedal Chess Foundation,they are welcome to do so.

The Chess foundation has practices every Saturday where learners  are fed, so any contribution would be really appreciated. The foundation will also be having fundraising events soon, details regarding these will be posted on social media. For more information or to make a donation, contact: Vaughan 0738811697 or Meloney 0848145866

Sazly Hartzenberg