Checkers Recipe: Rib Eye Roast with compound parsley-lemon butter


This is the finest beef cut for roasting.   The lower ribs, containing the large eye muscle, are superior.  Rib is best cooked on the bone so the meat stays moist and the bone adds flavour.

Grilling or Barbecuing the rib eye

With the good marbeling through the beef you will only need simple seasoning for a grilled rib eye steak: coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  Cover all sides of the steak with the seasoning.

500g beef cut, 2,5cm thick, brought to room temperature:

Rare:                      6-7minutes

Medium:                9-12 minutes

Well-done:           12-15 minutes

Allow the steak to rest after grilling and before slicing, this is to seal in the juices.

Compound Parsley-Lemon Butter

Cream 125g butter with 30ml chopped parsley, 15ml lemon juice, salt and pepper .  Roll the butter in cling film, denoting a ‘cracker’.  Chill until firm then slice the butter and use as a topping on the hot rib eye steak.  The melted butter will seep into the meat and will make the rib eye even more juicy and delicious.

Serve the steak with grilled corn on the cob and a dill cucumber salad.