Changing a community through sport

Fingerboard FC was founded with the aim to keep young boys away from substance abuse and crime. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Inspired by experiences from his childhood, a local entrepreneur and Good Samaritan has taken it upon himself to change how young boys in Botshabelo see the world around them.

He did this by forming a soccer club to keep them away from substance abuse and crime. Clement Litlhare is the coach and founder of Fingerboard Football Club based in Botshabelo’s C2 Section, in Bloemfontein.

The name was inspired by a group of men who he used to watch playing fingerboard when he was younger. He said because some of them were drunkards, they were judged by people without them knowing that the men carried a lot of wisdom and had dreams and visions for their future.

“Through their life experiences, I realised how toxic our society is and how it usually neglects a boy child – the ones who are often exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, as well as gangsterism. Peer pressure also plays a big role and most families don’t have father figures present to guide these young boys,” he said. “I love witnessing unity among them, which comes with love and a high level of discipline. Witnessing that they are learning and that their passion grows every time, just melts my heart. It means a lot to see that I have saved a lot of boys from society’s distractions,” expressed Litlhare.

Fingerboard FC, which was officially founded in 2022, now receives weekly mentorship sessions with a doctor based in Australia, Dr. Vicky Waldie, who teaches them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

“We are currently playing in the Interstate Bus Line (IBL) Promotional League after reaching an agreement with Wamotseba Motho Oo FC to merge. We also have a YouTube vlog where Dr Vicky shares much needed information on drugs and alcohol where anyone can easily access it,” he said.

Follow their Facebook page, Fingerboard FC, or contact 063-481- 5393 if you would like to be part of their journey.

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