CGE says they’re looking at child deaths in the Northern Cape


GALOOME SHOPANE The spate of child deaths in the Northern Cape, has attracted the attention of the Commission of Gender Equality.

The Commission’s Javu Baloyi says they have noticed a spate of deaths in children aged between 10 and seventeen years old.

He says they don’t have definite statistics, but are in talks with the police commission to get the stats.

Baloyi says the number is alarming and that many of the cases go unreported because those affected are destitute and don’t have any resources.

“As a commission we have received several reports from our offices and newspaper articles to such an extent that the brutality is not limited to the Northern Cape, it is right through in the Northern Cape. So what we have done as a commission is that we have embarked on fact-finding mission with the police, and we are monitoring the Northern Cape,” states Baloyi.

He says there are many child killing incidents in the Northern Cape as compared to other provinces, but they are not covered in the media.