CEO to bow out of Central Media Group

CMG CEO, Gary Stroebel, will be leaving the Bloemfontein-based media company early next year. Photo: Pierce van Heerden

Central Media Group (CMG) CEO, Gary Stroebel, will be leaving the company after ten years at the helm.
Stroebel, who has worked his way up from OFM DJ relayed that the best part of his experience at the multimedia company was the people he worked with throughout the years. “I have worked with immensely talented people who were committed, keen to learn, grow and contribute, whether they were young or experienced. Probably the biggest part of my journey at this company has been the people I have worked with who have been of multiple languages, cultures and ways of thinking,” he added.
Stroebel will be exiting CMG in February 2019 after which he will be taking over a company in Namibia. “I am investing in a media company in Namibia and I will be starting out there, bringing a number of radio stations together to create a network of stations. The four radio stations will be across four entirely different formats and in four different languages,” he explained. He added that the move will be an adventure for not only him but his family as well.
Stroebel began his career in broadcasting at KovsieFM before he joined OFM in 1996. During his tenure as CEO the station that broadcasts in the Free State, Northern Cape and North West, he has seen changes in audience and programming. According to OFM News Manager, Cathy Dlodlo, “He is a veteran in the industry. When you compare the media industry, especially broadcasting then and now, it has grown. OFM has always been on the cutting edge. So if anybody knows anything about broadcasting it is Gary Stroebel and it has been amazing working with someone like him,” she said.
Stroebel stated that he envisions CMG as a company that will continue contributing to the greater community. “Central Media is firmly committed to building the economy of central South Africa in whatever way we can. My hope is that it continues. We remain a part of this community because our fates are interlinked with those around us. So we have to uplift, transform and keep investing,” Stroebel concluded.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele