Centlec fixes electricity box after Courant’s report

The new electricity box installed on June 18.

After Bloemfontein Courant reported on Friday about a damaged electricity box in a residential part of Heidedal that posed a risk to children,  Centlec went to replace the box with a brand new one.

Lele Mamatu, Centlec spokesperson, told the publication that the best solution to the problem was to replace the damaged electricity box with a new one.

Courant previously reported that a resident from Heidedal was struggling to get the electricity box outside his residence fixed after reporting it to Centlec multiple times. Octavius Leeuw said an employee from Centlec came to attend to the matter twice but a permanent solution was never implemented.

Leeuw heard something that sounded like a crash outside his house on the night of May 23. When he went to see what was happening, he found that a minibus had hit the electricity box. The damaged electricity box caused Leeuw and his neighbour not to have electricity for four days, although Leeuw had reported the matter to Centlec on May 24.

According to Leeuw someone from Centlec fixed the box on Monday June 14, but all that was done was a placing a piece of material to cover the cables. On Friday Jume 18, Centlec’s employees came and replaced the damaged box with a new one.

However, as happy as Leeuw, the resident, is about the new installation, he is worried that the electricity box might give problems as time goes because “the electricity box is loose and skew”.

Corn Koteli