Celebrating graduation indoors

Carla Bester, Nozipho Ndlovu, Kamohelo Shelile and Millisanté de Wee

Graduation season has peaked but because the regulations regarding Covid-19 have prevented them from attending their graduation ceremonies, students had to enjoy the bittersweet moment indoors.

Bloemfontein Courant spoke to a few graduates, some graduating for the fi rst time, and some achieving their second or third qualification. Millisanté de Wee said she was supposed to have her graduation ceremony for her law degree but instead had to celebrate it in the comfort of her own home. “Naturally, we would have had a full ceremony and big celebration. It was a very surreal day and although the journey was diffi cult, it was very rewarding as I have finally attained a dream I had since a very young age,” she said.

Another student from the University of the Free State, Carla Bester, obtained her BA Honours in South African Sign Language and Deaf Studies. She said she was super excited about the graduation because she had worked really hard. She and her fiancé would have celebrated the day at their favourite restaurant, which, unfortunately was not possible.

Students from all over the country never got to attend their very first graduation and some, like Kamohelo Shelile from the Central University of Technology, Free State, missed out on her first graduation, thinking that the second one, which was supposed to be last week, would be celebrated much bigger. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown regulations, she missed out on both of her graduation ceremonies. Shelile said she is proud to have obtained her degree in Language Practice but feels sad and disappointed as she did not in a million years expect that the lockdown would happen.

Another student, Nozipho Ndlovu, said she spent the day with a friend, having a good meal in the comfort of her home to celebrate her Bachelor of Commerce Honours: specialising in Entrepreneurial Management. “Although I was looking forward to this day and had made so many plans prior to it, I had to cancel everything because of the Coronavirus. I am though, still very proud of my achievement,” Ndlovu said.

Heidre Malgas