Cattle fraud case postponed to next year


A court case involving the alleged fraudulent sale of cattle has been postponed until next year.
Johan and Johanna Olivier appeared briefly in court last week. The couple is accused of fraud, theft and money laundering relating to the sale of dairy cattle to Hobhouse farmer Sello Matlolane and his son Paddy in 2012.
According to the charge sheet, the Matlolanes paid a deposit of R40 000. A transfer of just over R165 000 from the Land Bank was also made on 2 August 2012 for the purchase of 20 cows.
Olivier delivered more than 50 cows and allegedly told the Matlolanes the extra thirty cows could be purchased for an additional R100 000. However, shortly thereafter the original owner of the cattle allegedly arrived at the farm, saying he had not been paid. All but eight of the cows were removed.
The state has already closed its case, but both parties last week requested a postponement. The two accused have recently started new jobs.
Magistrate Dawn Sumaroo postponed the case to January 29 next year when Johan is expected to take the stand.
The Matlolanes have meanwhile expressed their frustration at the postponement, saying it is costing a lot of time and money to have to keep returning to Bloemfontein every time the case is postponed. – Sabrina Dean