Breaking News: Cash-in-transit heist at Preller, undisclosed amount stolen

Preller Square cash-in-transit heist scene. PHOTO: CHRISTAL-LIZE MULLER

A cash-in-transit heist played out at Bloemfontein’s Preller Square at around 14:30 this afternoon. The shopping centre’s manager, Sancha Joubert says as far as she knows at least two men were involved.

She says it happened at the back entrance of Absa Bank, where cash-in-transit personnel were exiting the bank.

According to Joubert two men arrived at 14:15 and tried to buy caps at Kids@Preller. The manager says there was at least one firearm, apparently an AK47, in the back of one of the men’s belts.

A cash-in-transit van stopped and guards entered the bank. As they came out of the door, the suspects attacked. Eyewitnesses told Joubert that they heard screams, and a gunshot. She says one of cash-in-transit guards was hit in the arm.

The alleged perpetrators then fled the scene in a blue Ford bakkie with GP number plates.

This is a developing story…

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