Cash-in-transit heist suspect remains in custody

Photo: Jeretha Oosthuizen

The 38-year-old man who is alleged to have used the car of a high profile politician in last month’s cash-in-transit heist in Bloemfontein will apply for bail on September 20.

The accused, Raymond “Katiso” Leputla, will remain in police custody at a Correctional Facility in Kroonstad till then.

Leputla was joined by his two co-accused, who are out on bail, at the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court today. It was during the quick proceedings that Prosecutor Johan de Vries requested that the accused be sent to the Kroonstad facility till he receives an opportunity to apply for bail.

The vehicle in question is a white BMW X5 that belongs to ANC Deputy Chairperson, William Bulwane. The politician says he sent his car to a panel beater in May, as suggested by his insurance. Leputla is the owner of Katiso Motors. Bulwane has since the arrest distanced himself from the crime. OFM News previously reported that Bulwane has since opened a case against the panel beater.

Leputla was caught by police driving the car in Nelson Mandela Drive on August 8, the day the heist took place. The BMW X5 had no registration plates at the time. In the vehicle, police found an R5 rifle, a pistol, rifle magazines, and an undisclosed amount of cash, all apparently related to the heist. OFM News reported previously police later found more ammunition and suspected explosives at his place of residence.

Olebogeng Motse / OFM News