Cases withdrawn against CUT students

Fees Must Fall protests erupting at Central University of Free State's Bloemfontein campus. FILE PHOTO: MARK STEENBOK

Cases of public violence against nine Central University of Technology students, who were arrested during protests in 2016 in Bloemfontein, were withdrawn against then in the city’s magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

A court official says the nine students passed their diversion counselling. A legal diversion entails giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage or obtain counselling for antisocial conduct.

If the defendant cooperates and the diversion results in progress, charges can be dismissed. Six more CUT students will appear in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court again on Wednesday (1 Feb) for a magistrate to assess their diversion outcomes. – Andre Grobler