Carla takes music industry by storm

Carla Franco PHOTO: Summer Heart Photography

Despite suffering from a 40-50% hearing loss in both her ears, Carla Franco knew from a young age that music was going to be a big part of her future.

The 25-year-old musician, who has been suffering from a hearing impairment since birth, discovered her love for music when she was seven years old and had her first piano lesson. Carla said during that entire year, her piano teacher realised that trying to teach her music theory was almost a futile exercise.

“So, instead, she would play a song for me on the piano, I’d observe, and within a few minutes I’d be playing the song. This was rather strange due to my hearing impairment, but it was in that year that I automatically knew that this thing called music was going to change everything for me.”

Carla made a name for herself in the music industry after her very first release was signed by Universal Music, holding the number one spot on the Fic FM Top 10 at 10 charts for 11 weeks in a row. Since then she has had three EPs out and released five singles.

As an independent artist, Carla, described her sound of late as predominantly an acoustic/alternative sound. “Although I have written pop dance tracks, most of my music has a more alternative sound.” She is now working towards a new EP album which she aims to complete by December this year.

“Not only is this project already in the works but it is also the project we want to use to accomplish two other main goals: To establish a new sound that is still true to me as an artist but which is commercial enough for larger audiences, and also to hopefully use this album to secure publishing or a record deal. For now, that is what I am focused on so that my career can hopefully branch out further from there,” Carla said.

The talented Carla’s music is available on all music and streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Music and Deezer. She can be found on Instagram@carlafranco_official and on Facebook at Carla Franco Music.

Pierce van Heerden