Carbon Disclosure Project reveals important trends in corporate SA’s climate change efforts



National Business Initiative CEO Joanne Yawitch says South African companies are successfully reducing their carbon footprint. The National Business Initiative runs programmes like the Carbon Disclosure Project, which entails companies revealing the measures they intend to implement to meet their carbon emission targets.

Yawitch says there has been a positive response from companies and government in regards to reducing their energy usage. “The Private Sector Energy Efficiency programme includes in-house training and awareness campaigns and is another programme where we support companies to assess their emissions and to be able to take the necessary steps in order to address them.

And we go into companies to ensure that they can put into place the kind of plan they have, if they don’t know how, we show them how they could improve reducing their emission,” she says.

She says the biggest way a company can reduce its carbon footprint would be to reduce energy usage, replace out-dated machines with more efficient machinery and getting better insulation for buildings. “The top nine South African companies that made the global list for demonstrating reduction in greenhouse gas emissions include the Standard Bank group, Anglo-American Platinum, SAB Miller and Pick n Pay,” she adds.