Car guard creates safer tipping

Zola Kholong also know as Andrew is a car guard in Riebeckstad, Welkom who created a new and safer way to receive tips. PHOTO: Renay van der Berg.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihoods of many South Africans. There are those in the informal sector who receive tips to help them make a living who have had to think out of the box in the current time of crisis.

About two weeks ago Zola Kholong, a car guard at a shopping complex in Welkom created a new way to receive tips from shoppers after looking after their cars. As a way to receive tips while following social distancing regulations Kholong, attached a pole to a cup. A simple idea that helps him protect himself and others.

“Social distancing isn’t easy when you do what I do. I realised that I come across many different people while doing my job. They thank me with tips so I made a way to protect my health and theirs,” said Kholong.

The 39-year-old is a father of two and the breadwinner of his home. Losing an income because of health issues would be devastating for his family.

“I sometimes worry about bringing the virus to my home. I think other car guards should do something similar because times are hard,” said Kholong.

Resident and motorist Renay van der Berg was so impressed by the idea that she posted it on her social media account to much praise by locals and beyond.

“This is true innovation. Hats off to Andrew Kholong, a car guard at McLean Spar, in Riebeckstad. When Covid-19 started people used to put his tip on tyres and some even threw it at him. He invented his own collection bucket that also acts as a tip scoop to ensure social distancing. This is true entrepreneurship,” she said. –

Nomaqhawe Mtebele