Capturing emotions through her art

Nandipha Jantjies

Already at the age of 9, artist Nandipha Jantjies discovered that she had an eye for art. She went from making clothes for her dolls to selling her artwork across South Africa.

Jantjies, who was born and bred in Bloemfontein, studied Studio Art and Design at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) and has plans to venture into the world of film later on in life.

Her artwork has caught the attention of many art lovers on different platforms, including social media. Her work is known to question and challenge emotions, the human physique, religion, social construct and sometimes classism.

“I tend to tap into what makes you human, besides having flesh. I present neutrality as much as possible in my paintings, although there is always an emotion hidden, for which the viewer has to look deeper. Things I see and feel as I’m walking around influence my work, which could be as simple as things we don’t pay attention to and that are right there. My work is a construction of our early and daily lives,” said Jantjies.

She described herself as more of a contemporary artist with a bit of realism and futuristic elements in the mix. She draws inspiration from various things, including mystery, the female physique and spirituality.

“Even in my daily life I find myself mesmerized by them and just adore their natural state. I also get some inspiration from artists such as Zanele Muholi and Frida Kahlo.”

Jantjies has created several commissions of which one can be seen in a church, and her artwork is bought across the country. She is known for designing covers for musicians and creating logos for small local businesses.

Pierce van Heerden