Can we be trusted?

Brenda Myburgh

Sometimes The Bible can be so clear about certain things that we would prefer to skip those chapters and pretend they don’t exist. Such a book must surely be 1 Tim 6:17-19.

It starts of talking to the rich of the world, which is probably all of us able to read a newspaper in the comfort of our homes. It warns us not to be arrogant and hope on riches instead of on God. As all of our riches are provided by Him for us to enjoy. Then the interesting part follows. We should do good, be generous of heart and ready to share with others. This will lead to the good foundation we will need for our future.

So the question is what are we doing with our blessings we receive from God every day? Sometimes we prefer not to see the need, as it will require some effort from us.
Even worse it will demand our time, and who has extra time in today’s rat race? It is easy to give money to those in need. We can satisfy our conscience with just a few rand. Who of us are really willing to give even more than that? Our time, effort and prayers.

Be blessed