Can you stand the FBI heat?

FBI Programme Director, Lesley Jacobs, encourages lovers of all thing culinary to enter the competition for an opportunity at a great career. PHOTOS: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE

The Food and Beverage Institute (FBI) is once again hosting the School Chef competition where it is looking for an enthusiastic food lover who is passionate about all things culinary.
Programme director, Lesley Jacobs, says they are using this competition to promote hospitality as a trade because it is such an expensive one to enter into. “With it being so expensive, we decided to launch the competition to give those students who want to study Hospitality or more specifically, Culinary Arts. So, instead of just randomly allocating bursaries on a yearly basis, we decided to see who really wants to go into it and who’s going put in the effort and who is going make a success of this opportunity.”
The competition is open to Grade 12 students who have subjects in Domestic Science, Consumer Studies, Hotel and Catering or Home Economics. Learners must then submit a portfolio containing the following information: a three-course menu containing a starter which must contain a cheese component, a main course using pork in any form and a dessert using banana in any form. Menus must be accompanied by recipes and photos of the individual dishes.
“We use the local branch of the South African Chefs’ Association to filter through the finalists to get to the 12 finalists from the Free State and 12 from the Northern Cape. From there they come in for a full day cook-off in the kitchen,” says Jacobs.
The winner will then have the choice of enrolling with either the Bloemfontein or Johannesburg branch. “Previous winners of this competition have gone big. Many of them work overseas in countries including Dubai, America, United Arab Emirates, England, New Zealand, Germany, France, all over. The competition is a great platform for them to get into the industry.”
The deadline for applications is Friday 21 July 2017. By then the applications must either be hand delivered or posted to the FBI at Private Bag X01, Suite 276, Brandhof, 9323. For more information, also visit
“We really want to encourage the learners to enter the competition, I know it’s scary to be judged, to put yourself out there and to say judge me on the work that I’ve done, but when everyone walks into the kitchen on that day, there’s no favouritism, it’s about having fun in the kitchen and doing your best,” ends Jacobs. – Seithati Semenokane