Calling all business minded kids

Entrepreneurs maak reg vir Sannies-entrepreneursdag

Do you have a great business idea that will change the world? Do you have an awesome talent that you would like to share with the community? If your answer is yes, then Entrepreneurs’ Day, which forms part of World Play Day, is something to look out for – it’s the ideal platform to give little business entrepreneurs a big business edge.
This year the prestigious event will be held at St Michael’s School, Bloemfontein, on Saturday 7 May. This popular event is open to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 6 and 18. Entry is free and all money that the children make on the day is theirs to keep. For 2016 St. Michael’s School and Z PR are on board.
The purpose of World Play Day is to create awareness among parents, teachers and children of the valuable role that playing has in the physical and mental development of children. The focus group is children from 6 to 18 years.
Enterprising young business stars between the ages of 6 and 18 years may enter. They have to put a business plan forward that should detail the product, a description of its manufacturing and a marketing plan. The organisers will evaluate each entry based on originality and creativity. All entries close in April.
There will be two categories on Entrepreneurs’ Day: Children between 6 and 18 (thus all primary and high school children) can come and sell their hand-made wares or they can come to participate in a talent competition. There’s no entry fee! For more information on the Entrepreneurs’ Day, email Z PR at or call 051-522-9574.
In terms of the organised sporting activities, it is not so much a competition, but rather to expose as many children as possible to various sports such as five-a-side football, mini-hockey and monkeynastix. The goal of the day is to have great fun without any pressure being put on the children. There will also be ample opportunity for informal games. For more information contact Corlia at 083-387-0111 or email
Seen in the light of contemporary performance pressure on children from an early age, part of the annual planning should include a session created for children just to play, and to enjoy their childhood. For more information, contact the Z PR office on 051-522-9574 or email, Mondays to Fridays – office hours.