A call to end violence


The South African Commission for gender equality and various NGOs are calling for the 16 Days of activism against women and children abuse to be a yearlong campaign, not limited to 16 days.

According to the commissioner of the South African Commission for Gender Equality, Mbuyiselo Botha, says there remains a high number of women who still suffer in silence and don’t report violence.

He says it is every South African’s responsibility to ensure that we live in violence free communities. Botha urges all victims of violence to speak out.

Botha says there remains a need to teach young males how to respect and honour women. He says it is important for parents and guardians to also encourage boys to express their emotions.

“We should not teach our boys flawed forms of masculinity. They should be enabled to talk and express their feelings.”  Botha says we should not let our country be defined by abuse and violence.

“We know that statistics have continued to show us that the majority of people who are at the receiving end of violence remain largely women. It is also important not to exclude men who experience violence, be it physically, emotional or in any other form” he said.

Botha says although we should acknowledge that there are males who experience abuse, we cannot shy away from the fact that women and children are the most vulnerable. Botha urges all South African to respect one another and speak out against any form of abuse.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News