Butternut coffee for Bloem foodies

Founder of Buttercup Farmhouse, Chantelle de Bruyn

“We are the world’s only organic vegetable coffee. Our coffee contains Vitamin C, Potassium and no sugar additives. Our coffee is also for those who struggle with side effects when having caffeine.”

This is according to the founder of Buttercup Farmhouse, Chantelle de Bruyn, who established the business in late 2019, bringing the first cup of butternut coffee to Bloemfontein.

Buttercup Farmhouse offers cold and hot beverages in different flavours, using butternut as the main ingredient. It took Chantelle over a year and a half to get the concept together for what is now a vegetable organic coffee.

“My grandfather was a huge inspiration in starting the business; he is big on coffee and so is the rest of my family.”

She adds that they have created a community inside and outside of Bloemfontein. “Our product is for creative foodies and beverage lovers and we are proud to say we have been welcomed with open arms in the community.”

To order your cuppa (butternut) jo, WhatsApp one of the following numbers, 063 148 0721 or 083 982 9545.

Sazly Moses