Bust a move with Saschine Cornelissen

Saschine Cornelissen

With a passion for the entertainment industry and the arts, Saschine Cornelissen will be sharing this with community members, teaching them the art of dancing.

With many titles such as the Bloemfontein Talent Search 2017 finalist, Talent Africa winner (Free State region 2017), Talent African hip hop winner 2018, Cornelissen decided to start dance classes to keep the youth busy and keep them away from the streets.

Saschine Cornelissen shows off some of the medals he has won in previous dance competitions.

“The classes are for dancers who want to learn more or to upgrade their skills, and also for children who want to learn how to dance. My love for dancing started at the age of 5 when I first saw Michael Jackson dance. It creates a wonderful atmosphere, especially when I am on stage,” said Cornelissen.

Dance styles such as hip-hop, sbutjwa, afro, house, breakdancing and bboy will be taught at the studio. According to Cornelissen, people can expect exciting dance styles and workshops as well good practise sessions. “We will have concerts, competitions, flash mobs, YouTube videos and more and this will teach youngsters discipline and love for the arts,” Cornelissen concluded.

Classes start from 6 Match 2019 at 25 Rembrandt Crescent, Heidedal (On top of Angel Funeral Home) and for price enquiries, feel free to WhatsApp Saschine Cornelissen on 074-920-7150/081-532-4523. – Pierce van Heerden