Businesses master social media with Cuberoo

Nadia von Maltitz

Cuberoo is a social media agency driven by strategy. After three years of fine tuning its Social Media Training course, the Bloemfontein-based agency can help you take your marketing to the next level.

According to Director Nadia von Maltitz, businesses will have a year’s access to the course in order to master their social media strategy.

“We’ve created this course over a period of three years for the busy executive, business owner or startup company to leverage the effective process we’ve created. What was once a service only big enterprises had access to, is now accessible to all companies,” she explained.

If you feel that you don’t understand social media but you know you need it, or if you’re unsure whether you’re doing it right and need the confidence of knowing you’re on the right track, then this course is for you.

“The course will save you time by giving you the right information quickly, help you create awareness and help you drive customers to your business. Business owners have the time during this period to learn an efficient way of strategising their platforms, learning how to create posts and layouts, creating ads and much, much more,” Von Maltitz expressed with enthusiasm.

This video-based course with downloadable documents was developed while working with clients and understanding what their greatest needs are. For those who don’t want to manage their own social media, Cuberoo also offers proven packages that offer great results.

“We build authentic brands and offer social media management that helps grow both awareness and your bottom line. We also offer creative strategies to medium, large, and startup companies.

“We guarantee every client will be more social-media savvy, have bigger awareness and have a clear marketing goal as well as a roadmap on how to achieve it once they’ve worked with us,” she added.

Cuberoo currently has a special running to help businesses in this stressful time. Get the Covid-19 coupon to get Cuberoo’s Social Media Training for ONLY R900. Book a consultation with Cuberoo to discuss your marketing strategy and online presence.

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