Burglars steal teaching equipment at St Michael’s School

The ceiling where St Michael's School for Girls' data projector used to be.

Teachers and learners at St Michael’s School for Girls (SMS) got quite a scare when they report for school on Wednesday 23 August to find one of their classrooms broken into.
According to Braam van Wyk, SMS principal, the school had a burglary during the night of Tuesday 22 August.
Van Wyk says burglars stole a data projector from one of the school’s classrooms.
“We are fortunate that only a data projector went missing and nothing else,” van Wyk told Bloemfontein Courant.
He says as soon as they discovered the burglary they informed the police. The entire scene was captured on video and this information was also given to the police.
On Courant’s arrival at the classroom, bits and pieces from the sealing was still on the floor as the robbers had forcefully taken the projector from the classroom. – Pierce van Heerden