Building lives, one stitch at a time

Venessa Versfeld owner and founder of You Sew girl and V-models SA. PHOTO: Supplied

Originally starting out as a means for an extra income, aside from her full-time job, Venessa Versfeld never imagined how her sewing business would grow. Born and bred in Bloemfontein, 47-year-old Versfeld offers sewing classes to help individuals acquire a new life skill.

Her post matric studies included not only make up artistry and hairdressing, but also a Diploma in fashion design, garment construction, tailoring and pattern design.

You Sew Girl classes in progress. PHOTO: Supplied

The classes cater for individuals from all walks of life but most importantly focus on training and developing those struggling to support their families or dependants, into self-sufficient individuals armed with a new life skill. Students are trained to manufacture a variety of items. They’re not simply bound to one project at a time, thus opening up various avenues and options for each individual.

“Coming from a strong stock of women, I can say that life’s little knocks not only provided valuable lessons but most certainly always prepare you for your life’s journey,” says Versfeld.

Her advice on running one’s own business: “Respect for others – whether towards staff or customers – does not cost a cent but goes a long way as a business is only as strong as the staff running it and the customers supporting it.”

In future, Versfeld plans to take part in training and developing the unemployed/financially struggling, into empowered individuals with skills equipping them for their own business ventures, through her business.

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Bonolo Moloi