Build your dreams on property investment

Jaco Grobbelaar, who started investing in property at an early age, now uses his experience to help others realise their financial dreams.

Though Jaco Grobbelaar has had a career in the finance industry, his real passion is teaching people how to realise their dreams. This he believes can be done by investing in property, which will help people reach financial freedom.
Bloemfontein born and bred Grobbelaar is the founder and Managing Director of Johannesburg-based Prosperity Enterprises. He invested in his first property as a 21-year-old before becoming the Chief Financial Officer of Logos Industries Africa. “When I ended my corporate career, I had friends ask me to help them build their property portfolios. I enjoyed that so much that I very quickly realised that it is something I want to do for a living, I love teaching,” said Grobbelaar.
Prosperity Enterprises will hold a seminar on property investment at Anta Boga Hotel in Bloemfontein on 16 July 2019. According to Grobbelaar the interactive seminar will help people to become financially free and able to pursue their passion as well. “Many people are unhappy in their lives and careers but have no choice but to stick with it. A big part of our event is not just about the property side but the mind-set needed to get the life that you want,” he explained.
Grobbelaar described the seminar as perfect for people who want to build a passive income for their future. The evening will be valuable for more experienced investors with existing portfolios as well as novices who want practical ways to dip their foot into the investment pool. Seminars will also be held in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg among others.
The former CFO is a strong believer in taking the time to purposefully create the life of your desires. “There are no quick fixes in life. There is no clear plan as to how you will build up something that can move you into a place where you absolutely love what you do, it will not just happen by itself,” said Grobbelaar.
“Today I truly live my dream, I wake up and do what I do because I am absolutely passionate about it,” he added. For more information on the Be Prosperous – Property Investors’ Evening in Bloemfontein visit – Nomaqhawe Mtebele