Brothers, friend arrested for FS murder

A Lesotho national, his brother and their friend have been arrested for the premeditated murder of his wife in Bloemfontein.

OFM News reports that the 41-year-old Kopano Tjobo, his 34-year-old brother Tshukudiso Tjobo, and their 39-year-old friend Thapelo Monnane were arrested after it emerged that the trio planned the murder of Sefora Tjobo.

Free State Police spokesperson, Motantsi Makhele, says the husband is alleged to have stabbed and fatally strangled his wife earlier this month after luring her outside the house on false pretenses.

The husband and his brother were arrested after it was discovered that they carefully planned the murder while their friend was arrested for his attempt to distort the investigation.

The trio is set to appear before the Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for a bail hearing on charges of murder, amongst others.

“It was alleged by Kopano that on 2 July 2020, at about 08:00 his wife, Sefora, left the house and later that day her husband Kopano, became suspicious after he found a letter that stated that she was going to meet someone near Dinaweng, her cell phone was left next to the letter.

He further stated that on Saturday 4 July at about 13:44 he went to look for his wife at the field next to Dinaweng and found her body in a dam next to Dewetsdorp Road, then alerted the police,” Makhele further says.

According to the police, it appears that the husband of the deceased lied about his whereabouts during that fateful day.

Makhele adds that after a case of murder was opened for investigation and when questioned, the husband indicated that he was with his friend at the friend’s place during the day of the murder. Further investigations, however, revealed that the murder was planned by the husband and his brother.

“The letter that was supposedly written by the deceased, was also drafted by the brother Tshukudiso, so as to distort the investigation and it was later discovered that the deceased was lured out of the house by her husband making sure that neighbours saw her walking out alone so that her disappearance will not be linked to him.

“He then followed her to a place in Dinaweng where they were to meet so as to do a ritual and once there, the husband allegedly stabbed and strangled her whilst the brother was holding her,” he further adds. Makhele continues to explain that after dropping the body they went to their friend Thapelo to help them with covering their tracks.

Lucky Nkuyane

OFM News