Bringing awareness through a book launch


Offering both elements of education and fun, Charmza Literary Club will host a book launch reading picnic with author, speech therapist and audiologist, Martha Tsiki. They will offer free ear and hearing screening for the children in attendance, in line with the message of the book.

The launch will be held on Saturday at the Anglo War Museum from 10:00 and it is free of charge.

The new book titled ‘Kudu gets new set of ears’, takes readers on a journey of a kudu who has hearing problems and finds himself being isolated from his family and friends. “I use storybooks in my current job for therapy sessions but I have been struggling to find stories about hearing loss that children can relate to, which sparked this project,” says Tsiki.

“I would like to bring awareness to the community at large because I noticed that a lot of parents still do not seek help early when a child has delayed speech and hearing difficulties. They wait until it’s too late when the child is already failing at school or when the child is bullied for being different. But if they had information they would have sought help earlier and prevented further stigmatisation. Knowledge is power and prevention is better than cure,” continues Tsiki.

According to the publisher, Charmaine Mrwebi, the launch is hosted during the school holiday as a way to create excitement during the holidays.

“I’m excited that the children attending will see the beauty of reading and owning books and be taught the basics of ear care, deafness, awareness of speech and hearing difficulties, and all the support available for parents with deaf children,” says Mrvembi.

The book will be available in Sesotho, English, Afrikaans, and Setswana, as Tsiki would like to have as many children as possible reading books in their own language.

Parents are urged by the Mrvebi to bring their children and buy copies selling at R150 on the day.

Bonolo Moloi