#BrendinHorner: Chilling evidence heard in Senekal Court

The Senekal Magistrate Court in the Eastern Free State on Friday heard some chilling evidence around the brutal murder of 21-year farm manager Brendin Horner.

OFM News reports this, as the state witness – who is the investigating officer (IO), Pieter Myburgh – revealed events which led to the death of Horner and the arrest of the two men accused of his murder at De Rost farm in Paul Roux near Bethlehem.

Myburgh told Magistrate, Deon Van Rooyen, that the post-mortem results showed that Horner was stabbed in his head, shoulders and hands.

He says according to the results of the autopsy it was found that the deceased died as a result of strangulation.

Myburgh also told a packed Magistrate Court during the bail hearing of fist accused Sekwetje Mahlamba (32) and second co-accused Sekola Matlaletsa (44) the two bragged about how they stabbed a white man who was giving them problems.

He adds that according to several witnesses interviewed by the state these two were seen at a local tavern in Fateng Tse Ntsho chatting with a group of people. One witness interviewed by the police indicated that Mahlamba, Matlaletsa and an unidentified man were seen descending from behind the mountains in the direction of where the murder of Horner took place.

Myburgh told Magistrate Van Rooyen that during the investigations blood samples were extracted from the Toyota Hilux belonging to Horner, and the results revealed that the blood belonged to three men.

Also, blood-stained items such as clothes, knife and shoes were confiscated by the police at one of the suspects’ shanty. The suspects were then was asked about the blood and he informed the investigators that it was blood from an animal he helped to slaughter at a particular ceremony held in the area.

Myburgh however says investigations showed that the suspect lied about, as the organiser to the ceremony told them while he does know the suspect, he did not even feature in the events of the ceremony.

Myburgh urged Magistrate Van Rooyen not to release the two on bail because the charges and the crime committed is serious.

He added the crime led to chaotic scenes at the Magistrate court.

The bail hearing continues on next Tuesday and Thursday, for cross-examination of Myburgh.