Brebner Primary celebrates 115 years


It is my wish that Brebner will continue on the path of innovative and creative education without sacrificing its rich history and traditions.” This is according to Eddie Jones, principal of Brebner Primary for the past seven years.

The school celebrates 115 years this year. Jones added that the school must strive to make it easier and more enjoyable for the children to learn, and in doing so create fantastic opportunities and foundations for them.

Jones said there have been many highlights over the years, and Brebner produced many fine learners and sports people. “The highlight that stands out in my memory, was the day in January 1991 when Brebner opened its doors to learners from all cultures, races and religions.

This was a brave and insightful step as Brebner was the first so called ‘Model C’ school to take this step.”

Bravery and the willingness to challenge, adapt and innovate are at the heart of Brebner, said Jones. He added that there is no real recipe for success at a school. A school is all about its learners, community and teachers.

According to Jones, Covid-19 has made it difficult for celebrations to take place but they are planning a commemorative T-shirt for the Grade 7 learners and a treat for the rest of the learners before the year ends.

Happy birthday, my beloved Alma Mater,” concluded Jones.

Sazly Hartzenberg