Breaking traditional barriers with modern methods

Founder of LAMM J, Lindiwe Moroka farms with exotic fruit and vegetables and honey. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

In a world where social media can often be misleading, Lindiwe Moroka learned everything she now knows and incorporates into her farm, LAMM J, from YouTube.

Lindiwe Moroka completed her studies in branding in Johannesburg with no studies prior or experience in agriculture at all.

“I’m a creative, out-the-box kind of person, I love things that stand out. If you really know me, then what I plant makes sense and is on brand for me,” said Moroka.

Moroka created LAMM J whilst living in Johannesburg and converted it as soon as she developed an interest for agriculture.

Various vegetables from LAMM J. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“My agribusiness LAMM J started in 2019, so it will be five years old this year, which is a huge milestone for what the company has achieved.”

LAMM J focuses on farming exotic fruits and vegetables. She has ten beehives thus also harvesting honey.

“We also do not use pesticides or herbicides on our crops instead we use herbs and flowers to ward off unwanted pests.

The herbs and flowers in turn attract the bees which are beneficial for our vegetables.”LAMM J uses indigenous ways of farming.

“Out of the ten beehives I have, seven of them are on the plot and the other three are on loan to two other farmers who use them for pollination of their vegetables. The arrangement is that I get to harvest the honey from those three beehives.

Lindiwe reflected on how there were only two small trees when she started working the land in 2019.

“To date we have about more than 84 trees. They serve as windbreakers, soil erosion control, attract birds and bees and also improve the quality of water.”

 Abigail Visagie