Brand new single for Bfn rapper

Female rapper, Naledi Keke Antoinette Mofokeng, who goes by the stage name

Bloemfontein female rapper, Naledi Keke Antoinette Mofokeng, who goes by the stage name Nalzeey, is determined to leave her mark and make a name for herself despite the challenges that come with being a rapper.

Nalzeey started rapping at the age of 16 and in the past five years released various singles, helping her build a loyal fan base in Bloemfontein and in the Free State. Apart from music, she is also a business school graduate facilitator at the University of the Free State, an entrepreneur and a vocalist.

She recently released her latest hip-hop single called Khayalam, which is dedicated the loved ones she has lost. “I lost my grandfather in 2016, my uncle in 2017, another one of my uncles in 2018 and my grandma in December of the same year. I didn’t get a chance to heal because everything happened so fast and in a short period of time,” she said.

She explained that it was a tough situation for her because she had to be strong for her mother. “I was scared she might be next as I didn’t understand what was happening.”

According to Nalzeey, she went through depression, but she managed to rise above the circumstances she had to face. “This song is dedicated to everybody who has lost loved ones. I hope it helps people who have been through tough times to heal.”

The song is available for download on digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. You can also follow her on Instagram @Nalzeey_p, Twitter @Nalzeey_Phoka and on Facebook @Nalzeey ledy mamasita.

Justine Fortuin