Bottomless Coffee in Bloem

Lourens and Esté Rabé play approximately 12 instruments between the two of them during their live shows. PHOTO: NELIS ENGELBRECHT

Multi-instrumental folk-pop duo, Lourens and Esté Rabé, have hit the SA music industry by surprise.
Bottomless Coffee Band is delighted to share the news with fans that its second full-length album, Anthelia, has been released in February 2018.
Anthelia has been inspired by the title track that captures the essence of what the album has to say. It means The ability to see angels. The duo translated this into their own interpretation, The ability to see beauty in everything and everyone around us.
The band takes a more flavoured turn with this new album which consists of 11 brand new tracks. “The aim was to make a diverse album, while maintaining the ethos of the band,” Lourens and Esté said.
They have carefully conjured up songs that create a feel-good vibe with a strong message. The album includes gutsy social political songs with unique local flavor, crowd-favorite power ballads and goose-bump love songs. A surprise or two was also included for the Afrikaans lovers.
Their genre can be described as a combination of folk-pop and rock with a bit of of classical tones.
What makes their shows different is that Lourens and Esté, apart from the vocals, play up to 12 instruments between the two of them during their live shows.
Esté knew from an early age that she was born to make music. “When I was strong enough to pull myself up onto the piano chair, I started teaching myself the piano by ear. I grew up in a very musical home,” she said.
Instruments that Esté play, include the piano, guitar, clarinet, accordion, ukulele, electric bass, UBass, glockenspiel and foot percussion.
“I still find lyrics, vocals and the melody to be the most inspiring part of a song and song-writing, but I really enjoy and appreciate all the different instruments that I get to play and to develop in. It’s a beautiful journey.”
Lourens uses his instruments to show his form of absolute expression. “I was eight years old when I saw a guy playing the drums in a movie. For the following two years I was obsessed with creating drum beats. I drove my parents crazy, carefully constructing drum kits from my mother’s’ tupperware cupboard,” he said.
“To this day I still have not had one music class in my life. An instrument is something that grows on you, you have to allow yourself to find trust in the instrument and allow the instrument to speak to you. Every instrument has a voice, and you as the player must express its voice,” he added.
Other instruments he enjoys playing include the guitar, the harmonica, bass guitar as well as the piano.
Bottomless Coffee Band will be visiting the City of Roses on Friday 20 April at Innie Skuur from 19:30 till 22:00.
Tickets are available at R120 per person. For show bookings visit or follow the band on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Jeretha Oosthuizen