Botshabelo talent shine


Young people of Botshabelo showed off their talent at the Entrepreneurship, Arts and Culture Festival Championships last week. The event, hosted by Unlimited Buz Horizon, a local community empowerment organisation, attracted a variety of artists, including singers, designers and actors.

According to founder and chairperson, Nozipho Ndlovu, the event was aimed at bringing hope to the community through the arts. As a young person from an underprivileged community she emphasised the ability to use talents and resources to improve life’s circumstances.

“As an individual who grew up in a small, neglected township called Skontshe, I had little if no opportunities to showcase my talent. The only way I knew how to get out of poverty was to study hard and pass,” explained Ndlovu.

“Unfortunately, others were not gifted with the same ability to do well in school. They could have been far in life if they were given such platforms to showcase their talents,” she added.

UBH was established by students of the University of the Free State (UFS), who run projects for men and women empowerment, community service, and schools. The group of students work hand-in hand with community members to develop individuals from all walks of life.

Ndlovu expressed that the talent show was well attended by members of community where the show only the cream of the crop shared the stage.

“All contestants gave their best, however, there could only be one winner. Some were praying, others had their fingers crossed, while others had their heads in their hands anticipating the announcement,” she said.

Mamello Theatre Production, directed by Vuyo Chain, won first place at the showcase. Second place went to production company, Come, whose singers impressed the judges with their sweet and melodic voices, while third place was awarded to Come’s actors.

Ndlovu expressed that since this was the first Entrepreneurship, Arts and Culture Festival Championships, the community has called for an encore.

“We hope for a much bigger platform next year. We call upon all the community leaders and members to help us to make this event the biggest event in Botshabelo to help to keep our kids away from the streets.”

Nomaqhawe Mtebele