Botshabelo Labour Centre moving to Thaba Nchu


Labour offices in Botshabelo will temporarily be moving to the satellite office in Thaba Nchu, which is situated at Ratlou Complex, also known as the old OK Shopping Complex, next to the Sassa offices.

Labour spokesperson, Josial Ramokoena, said, “Part of the reason we are moving is because we are in talks with other stakeholders that are part of our service delivery. We have a few issues to resolve. Hopefully this won’t take longer than two or three months.” He added that they are aware that a labour office in Botshabelo is very essential as it is the biggest township in Mangaung.

“More economic activities take place in Botshabelo, it is bigger than Thaba Nchu and we know that our services are needed closer to the people.” Ramokoena said they have also been affected by the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) strike currently taking place in the metro.

“Because of the current municipal workers’ strike, the building in Botshabelo is not in the best state. We do not have water and electricity and we cannot expect people to conduct business in a building without any ablution facilities.” He added that the Thaba Nchu office is not affected as it receives its electricity directly from Eskom, and not through Centlec.

“Back in the day Thaba Nchu had a fullyfledged satellite office which offered all the labour-related services. That infrastructure is still in place and in good working condition.” The satellite labour office in Thaba Nchu can be contacted at the following number: 051-873-2004. -Seithati Semenokane