Botshabelo fake car disc syndicate busted

A scanner and computer believed to have been used to produce fake car discs. Photo supplied.

Selosesha Crime Intelligence Unit and Selosesha K-9 Unit managed to arrest two suspects for allegations of fraud and driving a vehicle with a fake vehicle disc in Botshabelo.

On Thursday, 18 May 2017 at about 12:00 Selosesha CI and Selosesha K-9 units received a call from a Traffic Officer about a blue Mazda 323 driving around with an invalid vehicle disc.  The two elite units responded immediately as they had been following information about someone who has been producing fraudulent vehicle discs.

Upon arrival a 56-year-old male who was driving the said vehicle was arrested for driving a vehicle with a fraudulent vehicle disc. Further investigation led the police to an internet café in Reahola Complex in Botshabelo.

Police found a 51-year-old female who owns the internet café and after searching the premises a scanner and computer believed to have been used to produce the fake vehicle discs was found.  The owner was arrested for fraud as it emerged that she was allegedly producing fraudulent vehicle discs and selling them to motorists.

The two apprehended suspects are expected to appear before the Botshabelo Magistrate’s Court soon.

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