Body of 7 year old girl identified


The body of the little girl in school uniform found in an abandoned concrete dam close to Phase 6, Bloemfontein yesterday was that of 7-year-old Nthabiseng Makhoba. Mingy, as she was known to her loved ones, had been reported missing on Monday.

Bloemfontein Courant was at the scene in the early afternoon on Wednesday after three passers-by walking from a nearby chicken farm reportedly discovered the body. One of the men who discovered the body, Lebua Tjemolane, stated that they had first noticed an abandoned sock before they realised that she was lying in the concrete enclosure.

“We came from an egg farm nearby when we passed here. My friend told us that he had just seen a sock, so we went closer and saw that it was a school girl. That’s when we ran into the road and called the police,” said Tjemolane.

According to Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi of the SAPS Makhoba was last seen by her friend on Monday 4 March 2019 after school in Ipopeng location in Bloemfontein, before a missing person’s report was opened. “A murder case has been opened, although there is a possibility of rape, we cannot confirm it yet at, least not until post-mortem results come back and confirm it,” said Hlubi.

Bloemfontein Courant reported yesterday that the body was found without underwear while a school shoe was removed from her right foot. There was also blood on the ground near her head in the concrete enclosure. Police were present at the scene.

Community members were also at the scene when the primary school learner was identified by family members. Her father was the first to arrive. When he saw his daughter, the father broke down wailing on the ground.

An outraged community member who doesn’t want to be named said that something should be done to perpetrators of these crimes. “You cannot just turn away and say that this not my child so I do not care. Look at what happened to such a young child. We have to do something about this as a community,” he said. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele