Bloemfontein residents unite amid water crisis

Repairs had to be done in Bitterbessiebos Road, Pellisier, after a pipe burst. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

In the face of adversity, the true spirit of a community shines brightly.

Such is the case in Bloemfontein, where residents of the city, especially in the southern neighbourhoods, recently came together to offer a helping hand during a water crisis.

In a week, Bloemfontein found itself struggling with not one, but two cases of pipe bursts, leading to serious water shortages. This dire situation left many without water for days. Yet amidst the challenges and frustrations, an inspiring story of solidarity and humanity emerged, where residents with boreholes opened their hearts and taps to provide water to those in need.

Bloemfontein Courant spoke to some residents who were willing to comment and give their inputs about helping out your fellow neighbours in times of need.

According to Billy Ferreira, he knows that in a neighbourhood like Fauna, there are many old people and young married people with small children. “We know children can be a handful so to keep them and the house clean we need water. I am privileged to have a borehole so for me it would be selfish if I could not help my community,” he said.

He added that he and his wife could see how grateful the people were who came to collect water, and they are happy that their little help could roll a big stone out of those people’s way. “I feel that if we as residents can help each other, it makes life much better.” One of the other residents, Annalize Dauth, said that without water people can’t cook, use their toilets or bath. “What should people do without water? It’s a necessity,” she said.

She added that helping out means a lot because she could have easily been in the same position. “If we didn’t have a borehole, I would have needed to make a plan. People need water. We can’t live without it.”

Many other residents in parts of the south also offered their help to their neighbours, especially in the absence of water tanks in certain areas.

Since the weeklong crisis, the municipality has fixed all pipes and residents had access to water again from Tuesday, 17 October.

Justine Fortuin