Bloemfontein police warn of increase in motor vehicle theft


The incidents of theft out of motor vehicles and theft of motor vehicles are staggering with a disturbing increase in cases recently in Bloemfontein as thieves are striking at parking lots around the City.

According to situational analysis it is revealed that most of the incidents are due to negligence and sheer carelessness of some motorists. It has also been noted that an absence of vigilance exists with regard to criminal element that lie in wait.

As a result the Parkweg Police would like to issue warnings to motorists to be extra careful when locking their vehicles and ensuring that they are in fact properly locked before they walk away.

The police have also discovered that the old trend and tactic that gives the thieves the opportunity to steal valuables out of various makes and models of vehicles without having to gain entry forcibly is currently back in use.

Their modus operandi is that criminals fool motorists into thinking that they have locked their vehicles simply by pressing the button on a gate remote to block the signal sent simultaneously from the vehicle’s keys by its owner which interferes with the locking mechanism frequency on your vehicle remote then your vehicle does not lock.

As soon as you are out of sight, they then help themselves with any valuable items they want from your car without any forced entry and sometimes even steal your vehicle.

As it is common knowledge that most people who have vehicles with remote controls sometimes just press their remotes and turn away without looking or checking whether their vehicles are locked.

These criminals are out there waiting and watching when you press your remote to lock your vehicle. They walk around in the parking bays as if they are ordinary people and nobody suspects them.

We as Police, want to create public awareness to remind people to always make sure that their vehicles are locked regardless of where a vehicle is parked, by physically testing doors before walking away. If you suspect that someone disturbs you during this procedures report the incident to the nearest police station.

We have increased police visibility at all identified hotspots and therefore appealing to the motorists to start doing their part by protecting their properties.

This types of theft is regarded as opportunistic crime and to avoid it motorists are advised to take note of the following safety measures that must be adhered to at all times:

  • Make sure that all doors and windows are properly locked when you park your vehicle.
  • Motorist should physically ensure that doors are properly locked after activating the alarm.
  • Valuable items such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, wallets and handbags should be put in the boot of your vehicle but be careful of criminals who are sitting in cars and watching you when putting your properties in the boot.
  • At night park in a well-lit street.
  • Remove detachable radios or radio faces when parking your vehicle.
  • Parking lots with parking attendants or someone patrolling are the best.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, report it immediately to the police so that they could activate a look-out.
  • If possible beef up security in your vehicle by installing an alarm system or gear lock.

Statement Issued