Bloemfontein genital mutilator’s case postponed

Peter Frederiksen

The case against Danish national, Peter Frederiksen, who allegedly stored female genital parts in his freezer, was postponed in the Bloemfontein Regional Court.
The Regional Court referred the matter to the Bloemfontein High Court for pre-trial proceedings on 26 August. However, Frederiksen will again launch a bail application in the Regional Court on 26 July. The State has withdrawn charges against a co-accused in the matter, Motlatsi Moqete. He will stay in custody due to an unrelated case.
During and after court proceedings, Frederiksen’s attorney was challenged by several members of the ANC Women’s League who were attending the proceedings. They demanded that he withdraw comments he made before the court proceedings started.
The attorney asked Correctional Service members in what type of vehicle they were transporting Frederiksen between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein. A correctional service member replied that it’s a normal vehicle, depending what departmental vehicle would be available on the specific day. Frederiksen’s attorney was not happy with the answer and made a comment that it rather reminded him of experiences similar to what Steve Biko had experienced when transported around the country. An ANC WL member immediately remarked that “it is an insult to Biko”.
After Frederiksen’s case was postponed, the women followed the attorney around in the Magistrate’s Court demanding that he withdrew his comment. – André Grobler