Bloemfontein Children’s Choir wins Junior Eisteddfod

The Bloemfontein Children’s Choir participated in the junior division of the Cape Town Eisteddfod, winning two medals and two diplomas for their efforts. PHOTO: Supplied

A strong showing from the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir (BCC) during their participation in the junior section of the Cape Town Eisteddfod, meant that they managed to bring home two medals and two diplomas for their winning performances.

Werner Stander, who serves as Director of Music at the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir, stated, “We are a provincial choir that travels nationally and internationally, so we are a choir that strives to be on international standards,” something the choir proved at the Cape Town Eisteddfod. He also added “for us to win the eisteddfod is fantastic, we were so happy to win, we got fantastic feedback and received golden diplomas.”

Winning such a prestigious event does not happen overnight, and Strydom explained that his team worked exceptionally hard for their title. “It took hard work and hours of rehearsals, including Saturdays for extra rehearsals,” he said, “we worked hard and we were meticulous about every move, every number we sang. The children received fantastic results and we are immensely proud of them.”

What sets the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir apart from the rest is their discipline and exceptionally high standards. Strydom also added that “because we toured internationally last year, the children are used to performing.”

The choir’s win “establishes the choir on a national level, and we can build on that,” said Strydom. “We are planning to tour Europe in 2025,” he added, “but also to do international competitions in Europe. Next year we will travel throughout the country and we are looking forward to that. Marvelous things are in store for us.”

This weekend the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir will be performing at the Sand du Plessis Theatre alongside well-known Afrikaans musicians.

Warren Hawkins